About Us

We have fun, we laugh, we're lighthearted and easy going and stress free for the most part.  We wake up and drink coffee and start our day with groggy smiles.  We are self sufficient, we work hard and we play even harder.  We are baby owners, feline friendly, homeowners, and we are crazy about eachother.  We are proud and grateful.

We were young and in love and we rented an open concept style apartment downtown where we lived and played for 18 months.  We changed things up and made a baby.  We plan to be legally married someday (maybe :P, and if we do, it will be far from traditional), but for now we're married in our hearts and we're devoted and most importantly, HAPPY.

We bought a house when I was eight months pregnant.  We celebrated our 2 year anniversary by bringing a daughter home.  We aren't very conventional or typical and we like it that way.  We know what works for us and what counts.

We camp, we drink beer, wine & Kraken, we paint walls and we watch t.v series.  We have great times with amazing friends, we have better times alone ;)

This is our life in HTML

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